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Tips for Supporting Lung Recovery After Quitting Smoking

Tips for Supporting Lung Recovery After Quitting Smoking

Tips for Supporting Lung Recovery After Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is no mean feat. It takes immense courage and resolve, but most importantly, the first step- deciding to quit smoking is the biggest hurdle. Having crossed that and getting serious about tobacco cessation is worth applauding.

No matter how few cigarettes you have had, a smoker’s lungs are the first organs to get affected. This may sound dire, but the good news is that no matter your age, the lungs begin to improve once you've quit. So today is not about worrying ki kya ho sakta tha? It’s about kya karna chahiye ab. While there is no quick fix to restore your smoking lung health, you can help them self-clean in many ways. If you're wondering how here are some tips to help smoking lungs regain their strength:

Steam Inhalation To Clear Lungs After Quitting Smoking

From the day you smoke your last cigarette, your lungs begin some TLC for themselves. Let's be honest, they've earned this privilege. They work hard to loosen the mucus buildup and toxins that lived rent-free in them. Some good old steaming can do wonders to free up the smokers’ lungs. If you're not a fan of steaming, run a humidifier in the room. Add a few drops of any essential oil that is good for the lungs and let it do its job as you snooze.

Exercise Improves Lungs Of A Smoker

Delicious as they sound, you've got to earn your cheat meal first. Start working out; even baby steps work. Choose any physical activity and try to exercise for as much as often. If you cannot work out thrice a week, try to sneak in a workout twice. 30 mins on the treadmill sounds impossible- consider doing a quick 15 min yoga session. Walking, swimming and biking are some of the most relaxing activities that do much more besides improving lung health.

The tobacco cessation path is tricky to stick to. When the urge to light up a smoke strikes, working out can help with the smoker's lungs. When you feel weak or stressed, exercising is a healthy distraction. It releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) that are truly the best to tackle downtimes.

Healthy Diet Supports Lungs Recovery After Quitting Smoking

Eating a healthy and wholesome diet can do wonders for the health of a smoker's lungs. Leafy greens, fresh fish, and citrus fruits are some great options to help oxygenate the body.
Indian diet varies from region to region. With a variety of fruits, vegetables and other dishes, you can have clean lungs after quitting smoking. Confused about what to eat and what to leave out? A professional dietician can help you create a meal plan that is healthy, tasty and helps lungs recover after smoking.

Smoking Lungs? Try Anti-Inflammatory Foods

A smoker's lungs are often inflamed due to the excess carbon dioxide monoxide that makes its way into the body through the smoke. The tar from tobacco is another aspect to watch out for regarding the lung health of smokers. Anti-inflammatory foods like berries, almonds, cherries, and olives can help restore the lung health of smokers.

Detox Lungs After Quitting Smoking

Detox is a buzzword that claims to rid the body of toxins. Par yeh karte kaise hai?

Drinking water and lots of warm fluids helps the lungs heal after quitting smoking. Even warm water helps as it loosens the mucus in the lungs. Delicious soups, chicken broths, and green tea are other alternatives to plain water. Replace your coffee with a cup of green tea, which is high in antioxidants and protects the lung tissue from toxins.

Controlled Coughing For Smoker’s Lungs

Every Indian family has one senior member who wakes you up with their cough. But like they say- Voh khansi nahi hai, usse gala saaf karna kehte hai.
That's exactly what could help you here. Controlled coughing, as we know it, has been an age-old practice to loosen mucus in the smokers’ lungs and throw it out as phlegm.

Shun Second Hand Smoke To Improve Lung Health

Your smoking lungs have been through a lot. Don't expose them to second-hand smoke after you quit. It can seem harder than it is if you move in a circle that smokes or have colleagues at work who say, chal na tu mat peena.

At times like these, second-hand smoke, dust and chemicals add to the mucus your lungs are trying to clear. So while a day out with friends sounds exciting, try to stay away from the smoking zone.

Chest Percussion: The Hatke Solution For Smoking Lungs

Chest percussion is a method where a healthcare professional uses their cupped hands to tap the chest wall and loosen mucus buildup in the lungs. This rhythmic movement on the chest helps clear the airways and speeds up the lung recovery process after quitting smoking.
This is not the same as your Sunday malish. Getting chest percussion done under expert guidance will help remove the toxins stuck to the lungs after quitting smoking.

To Sum It Up
It is natural to feel worried about lung health after you have quit smoking. With the toxins and the tar from tobacco smoke, they end up suffering the most. While it may seem the situation is difficult, take heart from the fact that lung recovery begins the moment you have your last puff. Once you stop smoking for good, your lungs start deep cleaning themselves. That is as great news as any, don't you think?

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