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5 Signs You're Ready to Quit Smoking for Good

5 Signs You're Ready to Quit Smoking for Good

5 Signs You're Ready to Quit Smoking for Good

Humans are creatures of habit. We love following our routines and find comfort in regular patterns. It doesn’t matter if that habit is a good one or a bad one - it is difficult to break away. But we all know what happens when we do not pay attention and continue with unhealthy habits. They can be anything like spending hours scrolling our phones, biting our nails, consuming too much sugar, or smoking. While the degree of harm these habits can do to your body is different, it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it is essential to put a stop to unhealthy habits.

In this blog, we will focus on one particular bad habit - smoking. While there is no perfect time or month to stop smoking, there are some situations and mental settings that may help breed success. We talk about some signs that tell you - ‘I am ready to quit.’ and also help you with a quick guide that can be helpful in your quitting journey. 

You know you are ready to quit smoking if:

1) You have a burning desire to change

You have been smoking for quite a while now and have started to resent the fact that cigarettes control you. Your loved ones have asked you to quit smoking for quite some time and you now yearn for a life that is smoke-free.

2) Health concerns keep you up at night

Smoking is injurious to health, you know that already. But you have started noticing some health-related concerns recently that are directly linked to your habit of smoking. The realization that a smoke-free life is a healthy life has finally crept in.

3) Smoking is making you uncomfortable

Lighting up a cig and smoking during office breaks used to be your favorite pastime. But now, it seems more like an effort. You no longer feel tempted to go out in the cold and smoke. While you still do it out of habit or due to craving, it now feels like a task.

4) You have realized how much money you are wasting on cigarettes every month

Cigarettes are not cheap. The simple math of calculating the amount you spend every month on cigarettes has given you a shock, then it is definitely the time to re-think your life decisions.

5) You have a support system in place

You are surrounded by people who not only keep on asking you to quit smoking but are also willing to support you through the difficult journey. Just let them know how serious you are, and there’s a good chance they’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to help you get there. Grab a lit butt from your lips? Sure. Throw that poorly hidden pack in the trash? Absolutely! Offer distractions when the cravings kick in? Bring on that tennis match, ski day or jam session!

If you meet even three of the above-mentioned criteria then there are high chances of you succeeding in the transformative journey of quitting smoking.

Once you decide you quit, here are a few things that you can do to stay on track and meet your goal of a healthy and smoke-free life.

1) Set up a quitting date

Planning makes everything better. So, if you have decided to quit, it is better to plan it out. Setting up a quitting date will help you give yourself enough time to prepare for what is coming. You can utilize this time to analyze your smoking patterns, identify triggers, and start coming up with new coping mechanisms.

2) Seek support from your loved ones

Trust us, you are going to need all the help in the world. Let your loved ones know of your decision and reach out to them when you need them. They will be more than willing to help you and won’t make you feel alone on this journey. You can even start a new routine with them - find a morning walk partner or a companion for the gym. They will keep you company and help you stay distracted. They will become your motivation.

3) Consider NRT

Nicotine Replacement Therapy is a medically approved way of getting hold of nicotine cravings. When you quit smoking, it is normal for you to experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms. NRT products are designed to help you manage them safely and reliably. You can consult with your healthcare provider and they will explain the functioning and advantages of using NRT products. They will also help you find the right product that matches your needs and requirements. Whatever is it that they decide - be it Chewing Gum to Stop Smoking or using a nicotine tablet or using a nicotine patch - make sure that you read the instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions.

4) Invest in self-care and mental health

Life is still going to remain the same, even after you quit smoking. You are going to experience everyday stress. And since your stress-buster aka your cigarette is not going to be around to provide you temporary boosts of happy hormones, it is important to take care of your mental health. Get started with some mindful activities like yoga or deep breathing. This will help you manage the biggest trigger point for smoking easily. You can also consider starting a new hobby or revisit an old one - this will also help in keeping you distracted and manage stress.

5) Make changes to your lifestyle and avoid triggers

Some certain emotions and situations impact your smoking patterns. It is important to identify them and make changes to your lifestyle so that you are not tempted to smoke that often.  For example - if you end up smoking after having alcohol, then replace your alcoholic beverages with non alcoholic ones. This way you can stay in charge of your life choices.

In addition to all this, it is also important to take good care of what you are eating. People generally end up turning to food to satiate their cravings. They compensate for the lack of nicotine with food rush or sugar rush. This often leads to unwanted weight gain. So, in order to avoid that, it is advised to keep a check on what you are eating. Additionally, do try to live an active lifestyle. Exercise, join a gym, go for walks or join pilates - whatever you see fit - but do move around and stay active. This will not only act as a great distraction but will also help you stay in shape.

In the end, remember that quitting smoking is a brave decision. Now that you have started this journey, it is going to come with its own set of challenges and set-backs. But the key to victory is not to give up! Even if you relapse, do not get disheartened, keep on trying and we are sure that you will succeed. You can always count on Ryze nicotine gums to be a reliable companion in smoking cessation. They are designed to help you manage nicotine cravings efficiently and in a yummy way.


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