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Explaining Long-Term Effects of Smoking/Tobacco Use on Women's Health

Explaining Long-Term Effects of Smoking/Tobacco Use on Women's Health

Explaining Long-Term Effects of Smoking/Tobacco Use on Women's Health

If you still think that smoking is a habit that is closely related to only men, then allow us to burst your bubble! India is home to nearly 12.1 million female smokers. While most people are familiar with the side effects of smoking on overall health, it is important to recognize that female smokers face unique challenges.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the harmful effects of smoking on women’s health. In the end, we will also introduce you to a reliable companion that can help in smoking cessation. We are talking about Ryze nicotine gums!

Statistics on women smokers in India!

The trends in women smokers in India have witnessed a notable upsurge in recent years. However, there remains a stark difference in smoking prevalence between men and women in India. Approximately 70% of males identified as smokers compared to only 13-15% of females. However, the surge in the number of women smokers over the years cannot be overlooked. The country has now become the second-largest home to smokers after the United States. This drastic increase among women from 1980 to 2012 implies a growing concern regarding the uptake of smoking habits in this demographic.

According to research conducted between 2005 and 2010, there has been a significant doubling in smoking prevalence among women, rising from 1.4% to 2.9% (P < 0.001).

Several factors are responsible for the rise of female smokers in India. They range from changing social norms, increasing urbanization, exposure to tobacco marketing targeting women, stress, and a desire for empowerment and liberation. Additionally, shifts in societal perspectives, along with changing roles and aspirations of women in contemporary India, may also play a role in this trend.

Impact of smoking on women’s health:

Smoking poses significant health risks for women, impacting various aspects of their well-being. It increases the likelihood of developing several severe health conditions and can adversely affect reproductive health.

1) Smoking creates reproductive health issues

Smoking impacts one of the key functions of women's bodies! It can significantly reduce the fertility rates in women and disturb their menstrual cycles. It also increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy. Women who smoke may also experience earlier menopause. This leads to potential complications such as osteoporosis and an increased risk of heart disease.

2) Smoking hurts the unborn baby

Smoking is even worse during pregnancy. It increases the chances of miscarriage or stillbirth. It can also cause pregnancy complications and heighten the chances of low birth weight or preterm birth. It not only impacts the mother’s health but also hampers the well-being of the newborn.

3) Smoking makes your bones brittle

As women age, they tend to lose vitamin D and hence are already at a heightened risk of having brittle bones or developing osteoporosis. The women who smoke are more susceptible to having a decreased bone density. This makes them more vulnerable to fractures.

4) Smoking makes you age faster

Aging is a natural phenomenon that happens to all. However, people who smoke tend to develop signs of aging quite rapidly. It can be seen in the form of saggy skin, appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. This happens to the collagen damage that is caused by smoking. The decreased blood flow in the skin makes it lose its natural glow and age prematurely.

5) Smoking increases the chances of Breast cancer

While smoking can cause any type of cancer, it heightens the chances of women developing breast cancer. Especially in the case of perimenopausal or menopausal women, they should rethink smoking as it might increase the chances of developing cancer.

6) Smoking goes to your heart

While this is true for men as well, it is quite interesting to note that heart attacks are quite common in female smokers. When compared to non-smokers, smoking people are more vulnerable to developing coronary artery disease, stroke, or peripheral vascular disease.

Now that you have understood the hazardous impact of smoking on women’s health, we hope that you are already thinking of quitting smoking. Or if you are someone who knows someone who smokes, it is the right time to nudge them again to give up this habit and take a step towards a healthy and smoke-free life. While we understand that quitting is a difficult journey, it is doable. All you need is the right motivation, a personalized plan, and awareness of medical products that fall under NRT. Nicotine Replacement Therapy consists of multiple products that help in putting nicotine into your body in a controlled manner.

Ryze nicotine gums are one such product. They are designed to help with smoking cessation by helping you manage the nicotine cravings that happen when you quit. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that is present in tobacco making the body crave it when you do not consume it. Its absence leads to very unpleasant symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of concentration, and more.

When you Buy Chewing Gum to Stop Smoking, you can put a controlled amount of nicotine into your body without the harmful toxins. When you chew on them, they slowly release nicotine into your mouth which gets absorbed into the body via the mouth membrane. This way your body receives some amount of nicotine. This helps you manage nicotine cravings safely.

This makes Ryze nicotine gums a reliable aid in smoking cessation. It is specially curated after years of research and is soft to chew on. They do not cause any throat irritation or jaw discomfort. In addition, the gums are available in many interesting flavors like frosty mint, fruit blast, paan, fennel, and more. This makes them a yummy way to deal with nicotine cravings. The sugar-free formula does not harm your oral health and they can even brighten the teeth stained by tobacco.

Yes, you read that right. All these amazing benefits come packed in these small gums. However, they are safe to use, it is still recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before getting started on them. Remember they are medicated products and should only be consumed after a consultation with a professional. They will help analyze your smoking pattern and also recommend the right strategy that will aid in smoking cessation.

In conclusion, be it men or women, smoking or consuming tobacco is injurious to all. Women face some unique challenges due to their anatomy but with the right tools and motivation, they can also say goodbye to this habit.

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