About Us

Why Ryze?

RYZE is a brand of nicotine gums, made to help you shift out of harmful usage of tobacco – smoking or chewing. Made for India, in India, by Fertin Pharma – a 100 year-old Danish company with expertise in Pharmaceutical and Neutraceutical products and a world leader in nicotine replacement products with a vision to support Healthier Living.

We believe that moving away from consuming tobacco products (if you choose to) needs love (alternate for love - support/sustenance) and science.

Our Science

  • Smoother Nicotine Experience owing( thanks to/due to the) to Titration Release Technology to provide crave relief while being easy on the throat. ( delivering a balanced nicotine release)

  • Complimented with engaging flavours rooted in Indian culture like Fennel, Paan, Mint and Fruit to provide great (favourable) taste.

  • Premium Soft Chew - for an exceptional (clean and fresh/ soft and easy/ pleasant) mouth feel.

  • Sugar Free

  • Tooth Whitening

Who we are?

Vectura Fertin Pharma Pvt. Ltd. and its manufacturing partner Fertin India Pvt. Ltd. are subsidiaries of Fertin Pharma A/S, Denmark.