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Quit Smoking for Good In 7 Steps

Quit Smoking for Good In 7 Steps

Quit Smoking for Good In 7 Steps

  • 'Quit the habit.'
  • 'Cigarette is not good for your health.'
  • 'You could have saved the money you spent on cigarettes.'

If you have ever smoked, you have probably heard some or all of these statements at least once in your lifetime. And if you have tried to quit smoking before, there is a high probability that the cravings convinced you to smoke just one cigarette, and you got stuck in the cycle again. You are not alone.

According to one recent study, a person might need at least seven attempts or more to go an entire year without smoking a single cigarette. So, if you returned to smoking after your first attempt, don't consider it a failure. You are willing to quit; that's what matters.

Now that you are determined to stop tobacco consumption, we need to keep the roadmap ready and take all the precautions for the challenging ride ahead. Here are 7 tricks to stay focused and improve your chances of breaking the habit. Check them out.

   1. Make A List of Reasons Why You Want To Quit Tobacco

Jot down all the 'why' of your decision to quit smoking. This will keep you motivated. Different reasons work for different people. It could be anything: to be the fittest version of yourself, to have a better social life, to provide a healthy home for your family, or to reduce the burden on your wallet.

Ask yourself, 'What is my motivation?' This will help you continue towards your goal. This list will also be helpful when cravings strike- looking at it will be a reminder of why you started and why you must fight the temptation to light another cigarette.

   2. Have a Plan Ready To Quit Smoking

Failing to plan is planning to fail. You can try to set a 'quit date.' Once you have a deadline, start to prepare for your quit day. Try noticing your smoking triggers, and brainstorm alternative activities to take your mind off them or the smoking habit. It could be anything that makes you lose track of time and stimulates your brain. Keep a plan B & C ready in case plan A doesn't work for you.

   3. Nicotine Replacement Therapy For Quitting Smoking

Nicotine cravings can be tough to handle during the quitting process. That's where nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) comes to the rescue. NRT products provide controlled nicotine doses without the harmful chemicals in tobacco. You can try Nicotine Gums, patches, nasal sprays or inhalers to help curb those cravings. Just remember not to swallow the nicotine gum!

   4. Distraction Tactics Help Stop Tobacco Consumption

When the urge to smoke strikes, it's time to get creative about distractions. Engaging in activities that keep your mind and hands busy can help you break the smoking habit. Consider taking up a new hobby, writing poetry, or learning to play a musical instrument (you'll have everyone humming along in no time). Every time you resist a tobacco craving, you move one step closer to quitting tobacco.

   5. Seek Support To Quit Smoking

We know quitting smoking is more challenging than it looks, and there will be times when you need guidance about dealing with a few emotions or how to keep going. Do remember, you are not alone. Share your decision to quit smoking with your friends and family, and seek their encouragement, especially during tough times. Talk to your physician about quitting and employ their guidance about the process. Their awareness of your health status will help you better strategise your quit tobacco journey.

   6. Rewards and Celebrations

Who doesn't like rewards? When you start your quit-smoking journey, set a few milestones and treat yourself whenever you achieve them. With less expenditure on cigarettes, your financial health will also improve. Set aside that money, and use it to splurge on rewarding yourself and your family. A luxurious spa day or that much-desired PS5 are excellent choices to celebrate your victories. Do remember quitting smoking is the healthiest gift you give yourself and those around you. Replace old habits with new healthy ones, and celebrate each milestone you achieve.

   7. Stay Positive and Persistent To Stay Away From Cigarettes

It's important to maintain a positive mindset. If you have already tried quitting cigarettes, you know it is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Once the withdrawal symptoms set in, it becomes more challenging to stay motivated. This is where your determination and your reason for quitting smoking comes into the picture. Remind yourself of the numerous benefits of quitting tobacco, try finding ways to deal with the situation, and seek help whenever needed. Do remember that if you slip up along the way, it is okay- you can get back on course immediately. Quitting cigarettes is much like learning to ride a bicycle—you may stumble a few times before you find your balance. Just keep getting back on that bike and keep pedalling forward.

Quitting smoking is challenging, but it will transform your life for the better. So, take a deep breath and embark on this empowering journey. Remember, you're not alone in this. Gather your support system, set your quit date, and prepare yourself for a smoke-free adventure. You can do amazing things, and quitting smoking is just one of them.

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