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Let's clear the smoke - Do Nicotine Gums Work?

Let's clear the smoke - Do Nicotine Gums Work?

Let's Clear The Smoke! Do Nicotine Gums Work?

Nicotine gums and India- sounds different? We are the second largest consumer of tobacco after China. Those who use smokeless tobacco (chewers) are almost twice of smokers. But the narrative is changing. 

Nicotine gum effectiveness may have been the subject of debates earlier, but research has proved that nicotine gums are better than tobacco chewing or smoking. Tobacco, whether as khaini, zarda or cigarettes and bidis, in any form is harmful to health. 

NRT(Nicotine Replacement Therapy) effectively wards off withdrawal symptoms associated with sudden tobacco cessation; nicotine gums are its inextricable arm. Read on to see how they are more effective than other forms of NRT. 

Do Nicotine Gums Work?

To understand if nicotine gums like Ryze will work for you, let's see how they help. Each pellet has 2mg of nicotine, less than what a packet of khaini, zarda, gutkha, pan masala or cigarette will have. When you replace your chosen form of tobacco with nicotine gums, you avoid the withdrawal symptoms associated with sudden stoppage of tobacco consumption. 

Tobacco is habit-forming because of nicotine, its main component and why we find it so hard to jump off the wagon. The physical, mental and emotional cravings for tobacco are due to nicotine. But by replacing the method of nicotine consumption, we avoid the harmful effects of toxins released due to smoking and chewing. 

If Nicotine Gums Help, Why Do People Stop Consuming Them?

Earlier, most nicotine gums tasted strong. It was almost impossible to ignore the flavour, which put people off on their harm reduction journey. This is how we are different. Ryze nicotine gums have a pleasant taste, almost like regular chewing gum. This ensures that nothing can discourage you from your firm resolve to reduce your tobacco consumption and eventually get off this lifestyle completely. 

Point to note: There is a correct method for nicotine gum consumption. It is 'Chew-Pause-Chew'. You can read more about it here. 

Will I Get Addicted To Nicotine Gums?

The dosage and frequency of Ryze nicotine gums are in your hands. We can create a customised plan to help you ease into the nicotine gum. Consumption of Ryze nicotine gums will not get you addicted to them. They allow you to tide over the cravings for chewing or smoking tobacco. Every time you replace your tobacco routine with nicotine gums, you will get further on the harm reduction journey and eventually stop craving or consuming tobacco. As your cravings lessen, you can also reduce your nicotine gums until you need neither. 


The best-case scenario would always be zero consumption of tobacco. It is a tall order, and to get there, using nicotine gums (or any other form of NRT) is the best bet. If the cold-turkey method does not work for you, Ryze nicotine gums (extra soft, more flavoursome) can help you continue your harm reduction journey. 

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